The Vision Process

Creating a Vision for your business or perhaps more accurately uncovering your vision is about identifying the greater reason for your business. All the most successful businesses have a greater vision which helps to bind employees and customers alike to the business, driving success. This will be new idea to many business owners but an important element to any fast growing business. Your Vision provides the keystone to support the rest of your business. It should be timeless and relevant to your business irrespective of size.

Walt Disney’s is “to make people happy” everything they do in their business it to achieve this for their customers. An example is when you leave the park at the end of the day all the Disney employees will wave goodbye and smile. This is no accident Disney understands how this small detail will make you feel happier about your trip to the park.

Our process will help you develop your Vision by:

Identifying your core personal values

Identifying the core values, you’d like your business to have

Identify the benefits or results of your product or service

 Create a vision statement which       reflects these components

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