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Managing  High Growth


Until recently the importance of having a good Culture for your business was not recognised. Like Vision the most successful businesses have a strong and well defined Culture which reflects the core values and purpose of the business (its Vision). Putting in place the right culture for your business will have real benefits in productivity and performance as well as making recruitment easier and reducing attrition.

All businesses have a Culture often it has grown by accident and may well reflect the personalities and values of the employees of the business and not necessarily the values of the owner or the leadership team.

To have an effective culture is must reinforce the same values internally as it communicates externally. A classic example is Enron, where publicly their culture was Respect, Integrity, Communication and Excellence. Internally of course they were completely different.

We have developed a number of tools to help you identify the culture you have now and the Culture you’ll need in the future and how to go from one to the other.


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