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Managing  High Growth


WINNER Pacific Rim Book Festival Best Business Book 2016

WINNER Amsterdam Book Festival Best Business Book 2016

SILVER MEDAL WINNER 2016 Global Ebook Awards Non-Fiction Business

Sadly nearly 40% of businesses that experience high growth (20%pa or more) will suffer a period of contraction immediately after. This book explains what this is happens and describes the warning signs of a business growing too fast.

The book then looks at Seven key areas of a business and explains how each of these areas can prevent or undermine High Growth and then goes on to explain what can be done to overcome these challenges.

The book is written so that each Chapter is self-contained, allowing readers to look first at those areas which are causing them the most problems. Nonetheless, the book emphasises that all businesses are highly integrated entities and that improvements in one area will inevitably spill over into others.

The book also uses a number of tools and techniques to help the reader address specific problems and these are available to readers as a free download.


"This is so well written - with the business owner in mind. Anyone who runs a business cannot help but benefit from the insights and proven concepts laid down in this book. I like the structure and the straight forward concepts that business owners can easily get their heads round and implement straight away. This is a DOING book - easy to read - easy to do. Highly recommended reading for all those ambitious entrepreneurs and business coaches out there."

Simon Teague, Partner "Your Best Year Yet"

“Your book is great. Well done.! I particularly like the Sales Forecasting and Psychometric chapters.”

Charles Smee, Owner Transaction Focus

"This is a very well thought out guide to the complex issue of maintaining sustainable high growth in your business. Laurence draws on his extensive experience to develop a model, complete with tools and frameworks, to help business owners suffering from growing pains see the wood from the trees. Managing high growth is not easy - as the owners of the thousands of businesses that burnt brightly for a brief moment and then failed will attest. Anybody with the ambition to create a high growth business and survive to reap the extensive reward will find this book invaluable."

Peter Quintana, Director  High Growth Knowledge Company

A a straight forward and practical guide for the start up  and owner managed businesses with no formal sales training. It explains how to create a realistic and reliable sales forecast for your business and is  used  to put together realistic and justifiable sales targets.


"This book will be particularly valuable to new businesses, as well as enabling the not-so-new enterprises to get back on track and terra firma!"  John Dickinson

Laurence Ainsworth's book encapsulates very succinctly what every business should do when forecasting for the next period/year. Although its content may be aimed at the SME, the teachings within it are practised in many sales-led plcs.

This book will be particularly valuable to new businesses, as well as enabling the not-so-new enterprises to get back on track and terra firma! It also provides a useful step-by-step guide to truthfully evaluate the sales chain and progress within it. Very helpful book. Annie Joubet

A a straight forward and practical guide for the start up and owner managed businesses with no formal sales training. This short e-book builds on the previous two short e-books design and build a structures sales process.

“The Structured Sales Process is a Big Idea explained well. It is a book for busy executives who want to get the gist of it all, and understand it well. I found it very helpful and I will recommend it to many of my clients who do not have any structured process in their companies.” Dominic Keane

“By keeping the process simple and backing it up with examples which can be understood easily, Mr Ainsworth has authored a practical approach to creating a structured sales process. I particularly like the suggestion that, until the customer has told you he has decided to buy from you, there is probably no more than a 25% chance of success of winning that business. That will certainly focus on the need for greater sales activity.” Peter Kelly

This e-book is aimed at those business owners who want some practical advice on how to make their sales team (even if it’s a team of 1) more effective by understanding how to manage them to get the information needed to run the business and motivate their team to sell the right products and services to the correct target market or customer segment.

“How to Get the Most from Your Sales Team” really cuts to the heart of what really makes a difference when it comes to approaching the subject of Sales and Sales Teams in a truly accountable manner. “ Charles Smee

“In today's highly volatile business environment, no one can afford to be slapdash or cavalier, especially in relation to sales targets and sales management.”  Paul Friend

“I must have read so many books on sales that are just theoretical and academic that you can lose hope. It's easy to be cynical. Thank the gods for Laurence Ainsworth. The e-book comes from someone who obviously has first hand solid experience and expertise in this area.

It's the sort of book that continually delivers practical scenarios that are nuggets of gold for the small business. The one theme I find from my own involvement in small business and sales is "How do I manage my sales people to get the return I need". Well for me it will be to direct them to Laurence's ebook which I will readily recommend.” Fred Bamber Managing Partner FSB Consultants

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