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Managing  High Growth


In our knowledge economy people are the most important assets of a business. In a growing business talent management is key to getting the right people in the right jobs and developing leaders as your business grows. Not all capable people have the ambition or desire to take up a leadership position growing businesses need.

Your ability to recruit and retain your people will depend on a number of factors including how well you can articulate your vision and how well your culture supports a collaborative approach to growing your business. People need careers not jobs so as a leader you need to be able to create potential careers for all your staff even if they will be outgrown by the business.

In high growth there are two groups of people those who can grow with the business and those who cannot. It is how you nurture this second group which will largely determine how successful you are in achieving long-term high growth.

We help you understand how to nurture your talent and find the right people for the right positions and manage those who become outgrown by the business.


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