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Managing  High Growth


If there is one thing that has become very clear in working with High Growth Businesses, it is the importance of cash and knowing not only your current, but projected financial position.

What we have discovered, however is how few owners or leaders of businesses, high growth or otherwise, have even a basic grip on such critical information.

There is, no getting away from this fact, the more detailed your grasp of your business finances the faster you can grow profitably.

The problem for many High Growth Businesses, is that activities such as invoicing, credit control and cash management tends to fall to the bottom of the pile of priorities, and its only when finance and cash in particular, reach crisis levels that the business does something about it. Often though it acts too late.

If you’d like us to help you understand, how you can get on top of your financial management & control issues, to meet the challenges of High Growth just contact us by email on enquiries@managinghighgrowth.com or,  call us on 0208 389 1482.

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